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    This is my first story, so please be nice. Please leave comments as to how i did, and how I could improve. I plan on writing several which all depends on this one fares. Anyway here goes ï Š ï Š

    Hi, I’m Jake, I was born in South Africa and immigrated to Australia in 2005. I’m 22 and roughly 178cm tall. I love sport especially Rugby and use to play it quite often in my High School years. But recently due to University, I became lazy and never really participated in any sports. I’m not an overly healthy person and therefore sported a bit of a belly, but nothing major, like a beer gut or anything, but in high school I had awesome rugby body. I’m reasonably endowed, having a 19 cm, slightly thicker than average cock.

    Now my girlfriend Jayne, she 21 and is an absolute stunner. She had a English heritage, with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes which got lighter as you moved to the outer edge of her iris. She has a perfect figure; tall (174cm), long legs, nice ass, skinny waist, nice breasts from what I could guess at the time she was a B cup, and a toned flat stomach. With her popularity I thought she already lost her virginity and I just went along with it. She was the girl that everyone stared at and then asked how she could date a guy like me.

    We met in 2006, in High School and started dating when I was in grade 12, me being 17, and she was in grade 11, so obviously she was a year younger at 16. We met through a friend and instantly hit it off, she loved my accent and my rugby figure that I had at the time, and I loved her bluntness and of course I fell in love with her stunning body (as most hormonal teenage boys do). But soon our friendship grew beyond that of looks and we found that we had one of those connections where our personalities were made for each other. She was able to calm me down when I got shit off at my family and friends, who sometime were just complete fucking idiots. I was able to keep her from going crazy in a family where her brother and sister, who were both several years older than her, were seen as favourites in the eyes of her mum and dad.

    As you would expect, I was pretty hard most of the time, with such a gorgeous creature walking around. This didn’t deter me because I kept on thinking, one day I’m gonna have my cock in her, but that day took a while. So like all teenage boys, I grabbed hold of my cock and wanked it as much as I could, this resulted in me cumming 3 to 4 times a day.

    As I graduated in November of 2006, and since we were dating for about 4 months, I thought that finally tonight might be the night where I finally lose my virginity; little did I know that it would be her first time as well. Anyway the graduation ceremony were, as they all are, fucking boring and we couldn’t wait until we were out of there and off to the after party to get shit faced.

    As we drank, and drank, and drank throughout the night, we finally reached that point where we didn’t care who was around, we were all over one another. “Get a room!!!†yelled Adam, one of my oldest mates. “Fuck off Asshole†I snapped back laughing, “but i think he might be right, we can’t do anything in front of all these people†I said to her. Laughing she said “I agree, I don’t want my first time to be in front of all these people†.

    I was stumped, here I thought she was already well experienced and I started getting nervous. “I think we should go to my place, I know my parents aren’t home, and if they are well, we’ll just go downstairs†she told me with that perfect smile of hers. I agreed and we made our way back to her place, catching a lift with a friend.

    I was so excited I was hard all the way back, which was about a 10 minute ride. Finally!!! We made it to her place; we thank him and made our way inside. We noticed her parents car outside and the first thing that went through my head was “fucking hell, how dare they spoil this for me†hahaha I looked at her and she just told me to be quiet as we worked our way into the downstairs rooms.

    I was still astounded that we got inside quietly when she pushed me onto a couch, locked lips with mine, straddling me. Our lips worked like only two hormonal teenagers lips could. I slowly pushed my tongue in between her lips, feeling her tongue meeting mine.

    As our tongues snaked over, around, and between each other’s lips, i finally worked up the courage to lift her shirt over her head. Knowing that i only had her bra and pants left to go i worked my way around her back, finding her clasp. Fuck those things, they are so difficult to get off, especially for a young teenage boy trying to get a look at his first real tits, my fingers were like play dough. I heard her sigh and she unclasped them herself. Oh my god, I had my first pair of tits right there, I kissed down her neck onto her chest, all the while feeling her messing up my hair and her softly grinding on me.

    As I reached her tits, the first thing I remember thinking was how soft they were. I kissed them and slowly made my way to her left nipple, as my other hand was fondling her other tit. My mouth reached her nipple, and as i sucked on it i heard a soft moan come from her. God my first moan from a girl ever, this is unreal! I picked her up, feeling her legs wrap around my waist. porn-foot And as i put her on her back onto the couch she pulls my shirt off. I smile as I move my finger to her jeans, rubbing her legs my one hand makes its way up to where both legs meet. As my hand touched her pussy through the fabric she gave a load groan, i slowly and softly cup her pussy, and start moving my hand. I feel her push down onto my hand, so i decided to kiss her again, our lips meeting, my hands were now working on her jean button. I get it undone, and she lifts her hips as I pull them off only leaving her in her lace panties.

    As my hand rubbed her pussy again, I felt the soft, warm and wetness of her mound. I was about to pull her undies to the side to finally feel my first pussy when she grabbed my hand and stopped me. “I don’t think its fair that I’m all wet and ready and you still have your jeans on†she said looking at me, with what I could only imagine is one of those looks that pierces into your soul. I agreed and she got up as I sat on the couch.

    She started kissing me again, this time rubbing her hand over the bulge in my jeans. “What have we here†she said giggling. As she undid my button and zip on my jeans, I remember thinking “finally†. As she pulled my jeans off I realised that she pulled my boxers off with them, now i was the one fully naked, oh how the tables has turned.

    I rested my head back against the couch, and waited. As I waited for what seemed like 10 min, i thought ‘what the hell could be taking her so long’ and as i looked out into the blackness, i felt her small hand finally grab hold of my cock. OH MY GOD, i had to control myself.

    This is the first time someone else was holding me, and now stroking me. “wow, i knew you were bigger, but this feels so big†she said. I smiled knowing that I was just over average and it felt so good someone else saying it. “what took you so long†I asked. “ i had to take my panties off, and quickly take my pill†I smiled, thinking that maybe I’d get to fuck her without a condom, now that she’s on the pill.

    As she was stroking me, she reclined the leather sofa back, and jumped back on, lying sideways so that she was still staring at my cock. The next thing shocked me, I felt her soft wet tongue working around my head, i groaned, and i heard her giggling. As she licked my head and finally wrapped her lips around my head, my hand worked its way down her flat stomach. As I got to her bald pussy, I felt her hand working there already. I grabbed her hand and slowly stroke up and down her lips with both our hands, and as I did this, she lets out a moan right on my cock, that nearly sent me over the edge. My other hand pushed her head up, and as she groaned with obvious anger, i started moving my middle finger in between her pussy lips.

    Now I have seen enough porno’s to know that I should find her clit, and so i went exploring. This was incredible, my hand was on her pussy, her hand was stroking my cock. As my thumb reached the top of her pussy, i was happy and rather surprised to find her clit so easily.

    So with little knowledge, and only what I’ve seen on my porno’s, I started rubbing her clit. Was I surprised to see her reaction, she didn’t moan, she screamed. I covered her mouth with my other hand and I just kept on rubbing her clit. She eventually worked her mouth away from my hand and started sucking me again, this time moaning quite loudly onto my cock. I knew going like this I wasn’t going to last long, and I decided that now was the time for me to finger her. I worked up the courage and started pushing my middle finger into her wet pussy and it was amazing.

    I reached her hymen, I knew what I had to do, this is my moment hahaha in my mind I thought like I was in a movie, this is my time, my time bitches!!! Hahaha anyway, i started pushing and finally broke through, as this happened, she gave out a cry onto my cock. And then started moaning after a little while. This sent me over the edge.

    My cock in her mouth I started shooting my load, It wasn’t as big as some loads i’ve shot in the past but it was big enough for her first time to gag. She grabbed my hand that was working at her pussy and starting moving and grinding herself on me. She stopped sucking my cock, and as i was fingering her, my thumb playing with her clit, she moaned. I knew this wasn’t any ordinary moan, and I felt her pussy clamping onto my middle finger. She was cumming on my fingers, and it felt incredible, her pussy was so wet, yet so tight. It made me want to fuck her even more. I was satisfied for now, I made her cum, and finally cummed in her mouth. We were spent and decided we needed to catch our breath and also I needed to recover. My hand softly stroking her pussy and her hand on my cock.

    As we were talking I felt my cock stirring, and i felt her start to stroke me. This time I knew I was going to fuck her, so I started rubbing her clit again. When I was well hard, I felt her moving and straddled me, my hands on her hips. She let go of my cock, letting it fall to my stomach, which made me sigh.

    But then I felt her lower herself so that her lips were right on top of the length of my cock. It felt amazing, i have never felt anything like this, and it was the best sensation. The next thing that happened felt even better, she started grinding on my cock, I knew she was really getting into it as I heard her moaning, I grabbed her head and pulled it to me, kissing her lips.

    We kissed for what seemed like forever, until finally she said “I’m ready†. I was so nervous; I felt her move up onto her knees, holding her perfect body above mine. I then felt her hand grab my cock and lift it straight up, touching the head on her wet lips. I grabbed her hips and the next thing I felt, was heaven. She moved down, slowly getting all me in her, she was tight. It felt like my cock was in a vice, and she finally made it all the way down, touching her pubic bone on mine.

    I have never felt a sensation that was as strong as this, and i could tell that the emotions were overwhelming her too. She put her hands on my chest and as I looked at her I said “I love you†. There was no answer and i thought i blew it, but then I felt her starting to grind on me, and then heard “I love you too†in a soft faint voice. My hands on her hips I guided her hips back and forth, knowing that she was doing all the work, and knowing that she is taking this at her speed, I let it be for the moment.

    After a couple of minutes and lot of moaning on her part I rolled her over, grabbed her legs, and slowly pulled out. Pushing back in was the best bit I found, as she moaned again and again. I felt great, I felt invincible, but I felt all this to soon. I felt my balls tighten and I told Jayne I was going to cum. “Its okay, I want to feel it inside me†she panted. As i heard this, I moved my hand to the top of her pussy, and started to furiously rub her clit, this sent her over the edge, she was moaning loudly. I knew that if her parents were home she was going to wake them, but I didn’t care, my cock was ready to explode, and as she orgasmed again I finally came, spurt after spurt of cum, covering her pussy insides. I was spent; I collapsed on her, my cock still in her.

    I fell asleep as she was slowly stroking my hair, my head on her tits. I woke up to sunrise with both of us still on her sofa, but my cock must’ve fallen out at sometime during the night. I kissed her and she woke up, smiling and looking at me with those beautiful eyes. I was relieved to find out that her parents weren’t home, and after she called them we found out that they wouldn’t be back until about midday. This left us with 6 hours, so we had a shower together, me fingering her again and her stroking me until we came. We fucked twice that morning and then had to clean up the mess we made on the sofa. That was the best night of my life.

    Thanks for reading, more stories to come, if you guys like it ï Š let me know, or even send me a message in the forums.