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There is an expression in English that goes, “use it or lose it”. What that means is if you don’t continuously practice and use the skills you have then your ability to do so will fade away. Language is very much bound by this idea. Therefore, our objective in this course is to give you as many opportunities as possible to practice, polish, and expand your skills in English.

The four basic pillars of English are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In this course, we will spend time practicing and developing all four skills. The class is designed to be an active learning experience and student centered. That means that most lessons will be activity-based and require motivation from you in order to be effective. You must fully engage in each activity. You must ask questions when you don’t understand. You must write down new vocabulary and new expressions that you are exposed to along the way. Finally, you must develop the ability to work in a team and independently.   Of course there will be lectures too. at which time you will be expected to give your full attention to your teacher.

You will be expected to take notes in class when necessary, complete all assignments, do all readings before class, and be an active, positive member of the group.


Academic Skills

Aside from language practice you will also learn very useful academic skills.

  1.  basic academic writing
  2.  note taking
  3.  brainstorming
  4.  public speaking
  5.  persuasive argument
  6.  debate


Since this is A class, all lessons will be delivered 100% in English. Students will be treated just like any other highly proficient English speaker.   The class will resemble a typical English class being taught in the United States. That means there will be emphasis on reading, discussion, and active participation in classroom activities.   We will not spend time focusing on the fundamentals you should have mastered in high school such as grammar. If you have problems with grammar basics you are encouraged to purchase a grammar workbook and practice on your own.

Course Curriculum

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