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This course is here to give all students an opportunity to get as much focused listening practice to naturally spoken English as possible.


It’s normal for many students to struggle with listening to English. While most students at Juntendo University enter with a high reading proficiency, many have trouble speaking, writing, and listening.  Like anything else, the ability to develop one’s skills comes from practice.  Consistent practice combined with study, and an attitude of determination will surely be an effective way to not only improve your TOEFL scores but also your ability to listen to everyday English.

Movies also serve another purpose. They allow you to be able to study other cultures and see how people in those cultures interact. In this way you can understand people’s motivations, behaviors, and ways of thinking. All of this helps to not only better understand language but also to better understand people in general. By comparing your own culture and personality to those you see on the screen, you can discover and understand common themes that all human beings share. As future healthcare professionals, it is absolutely important that you gain the ability to see all human beings as part of a collective family independent of nationality, race, religion, or age. If you can do this then you will be able to better care for all who need help.

Objectives and Expectations

In this class students will watch and write about popular movies from the US, UK and other English speaking countries. This class has two main goals.

1. Exposure to naturally spoken English in a variety of accents, speeds, and personalities in order to increase students readiness for any English communication situation.

2. To help students develop their critical thinking and analysis.

No matter what level of English the student is at, the most important thing is each person’s willingness to challenge themselves and try their best.

Students will be expected to use class time to practice listening to English. Students who are in the lower level classes are expected to listen for words they know and expand their vocabulary by being exposed to new language. Students in the higher level English classes will be expected to think deeply about various topics such as human relationships, cause and effect and so on.


Attendance and Active Participation 30%
Journal 70%

Course Curriculum

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